One Year Ago

If you think what happened a year ago couldn’t happen today, think again. There are plenty of people out there who believe their own false version of events and are foolish enough to act on them.

Remember, our loyalty should be to our country before party or person and certainly before the lies told by anyone.

Upholding democracy rather than undermining and attacking it is the only thing that matters. The flag that flies over our Capitol is the only one that matters.

Long may she wave.

The Summerhouse

Once upon a time, visitors to the US Capitol Building complained there was nowhere to find shade or a cool drink of water while they were on the Capitol grounds. So when famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead was appointed by Congress to improve the grounds in the 1870’s he included something special in the plans.

I stumbled into that something special this visit and thoroughly enjoyed some stolen moments in this peaceful space. Called the Summerhouse, this red brick grotto is an open hexagon with a fountain in the center.

Large arched doorways are fitted with gorgeous wrought iron gates and flanked by windows. There are stone benches with armrests that provide seating for 22 people.

The fountain was once a drinking fountain fed by a spring. Today, modern water fountains and city water have been added.

It’s the kind of place that makes you wish to linger- even when you have someplace to be. In a city of larger than life monuments and memorials, it isn’t really the kind of place you expect to find hiding amongst the shrubbery and ornamental trees on the sloping lawn of the People’s House. And it does feel hidden as Olmstead was careful to not build something that would interfere with the grounds or the sprawling view of the Capitol building.

It would be a great place to enjoy lunch, to rest your feet while journeying through the city’s landmarks, or to devour a good book on a warm day.

It’s a sharp contrast to the armed police officers stationed on the Capitol building roof and in the shadowy archways of this imposing building.

If you go to the US Capitol, be sure to seek out the Summerhouse. Take a cold drink and relax for a bit while enjoying this historic feature!