Union Station

Denver’s Union Station isn’t just a place you go to get somewhere else. It’s a destination unto itself.

The train station, in the city’s downtown, is over a century old and home to a hotel, shops and restaurants. Soaked in light streaming through enormous windows and decked out with fancy chandeliers, crown molding and antique art, this place is a fantastic reminder of the golden days of train travel.

Declining train travel had left this amazing building at risk and facing a wrecking ball less than a decade ago. Fortunately, a multi-million dollar restoration and revitalization project put the place back on track.

Get it? Train track? Hahaha…ahem.

Forgive me. I do like a good pun occasionally.

Anyway, I paid a quick visit to admire the space and imagine all the people who have made their way through this amazing terminal throughout the decades.

Another local icon, The Tattered Cover Bookstore has a small shop here so I popped in to buy something – my idea of payment for using the station’s public restroom.

The old ticket office is now a bar. While I don’t drink, I had to stop and admire their work. The adaptation was ingenious and well done.

During these Covid days when many of the businesses were closed or limiting occupancy, there were few people lingering to enjoy the historic vibe of the place. In fact, I seemed to be the only person even remotely interested in the soaring 65 foot ceilings or the spectacular Christmas decorations. Although, most commuters might not do that sort of thing anyway. Pity too because it really is an impressive place.

All the same. I really loved it there and fantasized about how fun it would be to hop on a train to somewhere near or far.

Most of all, I was completely taken with this sign.

There is a lot of outdoor seating but the city has a sizable homeless population and it seemed that several were hanging out in this space. I chose a near the door and experienced no problems but it is something to consider.

If you’re in Denver, stop by and check out Union Terminal. My new favorite bookstore is also in the neighborhood along with many other shops and restaurants.