Happiness Is….

Happiness is having something to look forward to. That’s especially true on Sunday nights when the temptation is to be sad the weekend is over.

I don’t watch a lot of tv but I’m addicted to All Creatures Great And Small on PBS.

Reviewers call it slow tv. I suppose because there aren’t car chases, explosions and whiplash moments of excitement in every episode.

And I’m good with that.

Instead, it’s realistic stories about likable people in charming prewar England.

This one hour program is based on the stories of James Herriot, the pen name for James Alfred Wight who was a British vet from 1940 until 1992. His writing about the people and animals he served is charming and delightful.

There was a 1978 show also called All Creatures Great And Small. This isn’t a remake or a reboot so much as a fresh telling of the old tales.

The cinematography is beautiful. I like the costumes, the accents, the oddball characters and the animals. The storytelling is top notch. The scenery is gorgeous and makes me want to hop a plane to see the English countryside.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best thing on tv. The show is in its third season but the seasons are a painfully short seven episodes. It’s British made so the new season already aired across the pond and I’m envious of my British friends who have already seen it. Although it is nice having each episode to look forward to.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to watch this show from the beginning. If you’re not addicted after a couple of episodes I’ll be surprised.

Meanwhile, it’s Sunday so don’t be offended if I ignore my phone this evening! My show is on and I’ve been looking forward to it all week.

I found a lot of time

There aren’t enough hours in the day. Don’t you agree?

That’s why I made the decision a few years ago to pull the plug on my satellite television. I was spending about $50 a month for 150 channels and nothing to watch. So the satellite is gone but I still have network tv thanks to a cheap antenna.

I’m not one of those tv snobs who claims to be above it. In fact, I LOVE the Big Bang Theory and my Sunday morning revolves around Mr. Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning. But I try not to allow the television to dictate my schedule or to take up too much time. Sometimes I turn it on for noise in the house while I do chores. Sometimes I can go all day without flipping it on.

And you know something? I don’t miss the satellite and I have found so much extra time to read, walk, do chores and other things I enjoy.

Have you tried it? Why not flip off your tv tonight and do something else? You might be surprised how much you enjoy it!