Do Me A Favor

Do me a favor. If you are near a Tudor’s Biscuit World, go there now and order an egg on a biscuit with sliced cheese (none of that nasty melted stuff). Then sit and savor the darn thing while you think of me.

I’m more than halfway through the Whole 30 and don’t really care about most food right now but am dying for this stupid sandwich. The closest Tudor’s is about 45 minutes away and I would not want to start over my thirty days just for egg and sliced cheese on a biscuit but it would be tempting.

Yes, friends. It is that good.

If you’re not familiar, Tudor’s is a regional chain that serves breakfast and lunch. I’ve never had lunch food but their breakfast is pretty tasty. So if you ever have a chance to grab breakfast I would recommend it!

Go. Go forth and enjoy.