The sky was subtle but a lovely backdrop as I headed to the dentist last week. It got me to thinking about how subtlety seems to be fast becoming a lost art.

If you leave your home or connect with the outside world at all, there’s a constant stream of attempts to capture your attention, change your mind, sell you something, win your vote and take your dollar.

Have you ever noticed that commercials are louder than the tv show you’re watching? Or how frequently the same commercial plays? That’s a reflection of our misguided belief that saying it louder and more often will win over someone.

You used to just see it in advertising but now it’s coming at us in social media as well, seeping into other areas of real life and it’s exhausting.

I suppose you could call me something of a hypocrite. After all, the messages shared here are pretty consistent – there’s beauty everywhere if you wish to see it, the past is to be appreciated, there’s always something to be learned, and Amelia Earhart was right – Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

I unapologetically hit you with optimism almost every day. However, I have nothing to lose or gain from your being here and only hope to brighten your day in some way.

Remember, louder and more frequent isn’t better or more true. In fact, the truth and the good are most often found in the quiet subtleties around you. Go find them.