Tourist Kitchenette

The Model T Museum has something interesting that I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s a Tourist Kitchenette that would have been a necessity for anyone traveling a long distance during the early days of automobile travel.

Think about the days before modern automobile travel – no interstate highways or fast food restaurants and few hotel and restaurant options along America’s rural roads.

Made by Tourist Supply Company of Los Angeles, California, it has compartments for dry goods as well as cold items, providing a compact means of storing everything you need to prepare a meal on the road. It would be attached to the running board of your car and the front folds down with legs to create a table.

Ingenious, isn’t it?

I found this photo online to illustrate how it would look attached to the vehicle and opened as a table.

It seems there would be a market for something like this today. Think about the outdoor enthusiasts who need a way to stay organized while camping and nerds like me who wish to eat healthy while traveling.

It seems like everything old is eventually new again and a version of this little kitchenette would be great in the back of an SUV!

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