Sunset On A Gloomy Day

This sunset occurred on a wet and gloomy day. I had been out antiquing all day and it seemed almost miraculous given we hadn’t seen the sun at all. I was record shopping at the Goodwill and it was raining sideways when I went inside. This was the view when I came outside.

It doesn’t even look real, does it?

This was a stunning surprise after a nasty day and a fine reminder that the sun is still there – even when we can’t see it.

Luckily, the sun is shining here in Southern Ohio. Wherever you are, I hope you do something to enjoy this day!

At least we tried

My thrifting adventure in Columbus yesterday didn’t yield the treasures I had envisioned but we had a good time anyway. My friend and I have known each other since the fifth grade and have been through thick and thin but we don’t see each other much so it was fun just to have a little time together.

A disturbing trend we noticed though was that the thrift store prices really weren’t so great. In fact, some of the prices seemed ridiculous. Thirty dollars for a Home Interiors print in a banged up frame is not a deal. Three dollars for a glass jar that you can buy at the Dollar Tree for, well, a dollar – isn’t a deal either. I will admit that the exception to that statement was in the kids clothes department. My friend came home with several nice clothing items for her little girl for just a few dollars.

I just wonder if this is a product of the recession or simply bad decision making among those who price donations. I mean, the pricing in thrift stores has always seemed very subjective to me.You would think that maintaining fair prices would help thrift stores remain profitable through a time when many people simply can’t afford to buy new things. But what do I know?

Nonetheless, we didn’t spend much money or come home with a lot but we did have fun! Here are a few things that came home with me (Sorry for the bad photography. I was tired).

To be fair, the books and the Ben Folds Five dvd actually came from the clearance shelf at Half Price Books, also known as Heaven on Earth.

Here’s a closer look at the lovely little Liz & Co. necklace at the bargain price of just $3.99.

And two glass bottles for .50 each because you can never have too many cool vessels to put flowers in!

This was my favorite thrifting purchase of the day. This sweet little ceramic bowl was .99 and will go very well with my collection of mid-century pieces.

These caught my eye on the TJ Maxx clearance rack because I am an organizational freak and am always looking for containers that suit my needs. This set of three glass containers with airtight lids set me back a whole $5. And not to beat a dead horse but the thrift stores were selling similar containers for five and six dollars each.


I also picked up a Worthington brand skirt for fall and a pair of New Balance capris for $3 apiece. They were in the washer by the time these pictures were taken.

Not bad for a day of goofing off with a friend, eh?