Roasted veggies and playing in the kitchen

The weather is beginning to cool a little, especially in the evenings, turning my thoughts toward fall. I’m truly looking forward to the crisp, cool mornings of fall and to warming my home with roasted chickens and stew steaming on the stove. So it was no surprise tonight  that I roasted vegetables and fish for my lunch the next couple of days.

I had odds and ends of vegetables – some summer squash, zucchini, mushrooms broccoli and onions that I tossed with some olive oil and vegetable seasoning. The result was a colorful, tasty dish that is as nutritious as it is pretty.

This meal is much like many things that I make – no recipe and flying by the seat of my pants! I tend to forage in my cupboards and fridge for whatever may work together. I love using recipes, as is evidenced by my cookbook collection, but there’s something freeing about working without a plan and just playing in the kitchen.

I know your mama always told you not to play with your food but I would encourage you to view your kitchen as a playground rather than a workplace. You never know what you’ll create with a little imagination and a good attitude. Incidentally, this meal was the very definition of frugal cooking since I used items that were just languishing in the fridge and nothing went to waste!