This picture makes me think of the movie “Breakfast At Tiffanys.”


You know the scene I’m talking about? The one where Holly and Paul shoplift the masks from the five and dime store?

breakfast at tiffanys 2

And if you don’t know, please stop reading and immediately go watch the film. It’s a classic and you will love it.  If you’re in the market for these or other cute kiddie masks, Sy’s Place Antiques had a great selection a few weeks ago.

Sy’s Place Antiques



Treasure hunting is a pastime that I could engage in almost every weekend if time and money allowed. I spent yesterday wandering around downtown Marietta, taking pictures, browsing several shops and just enjoying a brisk walk on a cool Autumn day.

This store was the highlight of my shopping experience. Sy’s Place Antiques is located on Front Street in the touristy section of downtown Marietta. It’s much larger than it appears from the street and is packed with quality vintage, antique and reproduction items.

I had a nice little visit with the owner and was pleased with my treasures –  a cute little Hubley plane and a folding yard stick promoting a Cleveland radio station that played “Radio for grown ups of all ages.”


If you enjoy this kind of shopping, I would highly recommend this store. There are other antique stores and malls in the Marietta/Parkersburg area. So if this is your thing, you can absolutely kill a day exploring them all.

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If you go, there’s a good Mexican restaurant called Tampico just a few blocks away. Marietta Brewing Company has great food too and it’s just down the street. Also be sure to check out events in town. There are several venues with live music, comedy and theater.  Not to mention, there are some great museums and river activities to keep you entertained.