There’s Beauty If You Look

There is something good or interesting or beautiful to see everywhere you go. You just have to look.

On the rainy day I made this picture, I remembered the old saying sometimes you have to make your own sunshine.

What is this?

It’s a leaf stuck to my car on a rainy day. Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s Not Black And White

It’s not a black and white photo. This is just the color of the sky here in southern Ohio yesterday morning. It was gray and dreary. The sun didn’t show its pretty face all day long and I missed it.

Here’s hoping for some sunshine this Saturday!

A Smashed Peep (and some other stuff)

I ran away for a long lunch Thursday. Basking in the sunshine and walking the bike path at a favorite park felt like the epitome of freedom. Everything is COVID closed but you can still walk and drive around the lake.

This car turned my head.

And I went back for a closer look at these Peep bunnies, clearly run over by something. That’s not something you see every day and I liked the pink against the asphalt!

It was gorgeous out so I was sad to go home and resume working. But opening the window in the room where I work to let Scout enjoy the fresh air made the afternoon pass quickly. This picture was taken before the window was open but you get the idea.

He was a happy boy and I was thrilled for the fresh breeze and chatter of birds nearby.

My world has become very small and familiar. While this isn’t ideal, it is sort of fun to look more closely at your surroundings and seek out the details you might not ordinarily appreciate or even notice as close as your own home. Take a look around. You never know what you might find.

The Magic Of Fairies

My community used to have an event called Fairy Fest. It was organized by some beautiful humans who wanted to give kids of all ages something magical to believe in- if only just for a day. The event is no more but will always live in my memory and through the many pictures I took of fairies and trolls and pirates.

These images remind me of beautiful mid- summer nights filled with laughter and dancing and the tinkling of wind chimes. They remind me of happier times and of a dear friend who has since passed away.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses of magic and sunshine on this cold day.