Before Sunrise

Before sunrise

This is Pittsburgh, just an hour before the city came to life one September morning last year. My friend Nichola gave me the insider’s tour of her city over Labor Day weekend and this was one of my absolute favorite moments.

We watched the sun rise from the Duquesne Incline and this is the first picture from that morning.

I purposefully waited to write about our Pittsburgh adventures, thinking they would make great winter blogging material. I wrote a few things about visiting the Phipps,  breakfast at Pamela’s Dinera magical moment in a cathedral on a hilland about the power of saying yes. 

And then stopped writing.

There are so many things to tell you about this trip that I’m appalled I haven’t done it yet! We had grand adventures all weekend long.  So stay tuned, kids. I’ll start trotting out some of these stories and pictures soon!

Here’s a similar view, different light.


The Road To Mannasses

Sunday Mannassess and the road there (10)

On Sunday morning of this road trip adventure, the road took me south to visit the battlefield at Mannassess, Virginia and to watch in wonder the fun, acrobatic flying at a 49 year old flying circus. These are things we will talk about soon.

I headed out early, catching the end of the sunrise from the road and got to really soak in the beauty of this countryside. It was delightful how the terrain opened up to reveal this farm which looked quite small against the mountains and sky. A nearby lane offered a closer look so I turned down that road for a different view then ventured another mile or two in search of what was attached to a bell tower that I saw from afar.

This is what I found.

Sunday Mannassess and the road there (14)

It was worth the drive around the next bend.

I do that a lot, driving just a little further to see what’s around the next curve and often regret if I don’t go chasing the next bend in the road. In fact, when I think back on my road trips, the best memories are rarely the organized stuff I do – the tours and nice meals out. The best memories are always things like finding a pretty barn, a lovely sunrise or a field full of cows. It seems that a full tank of gas is really all I need for a good time.

Although, I did have a fantastic time at the flying circus so that’s where we’ll go tomorrow. Check back to hear all about it!

Sunrise At Arches

Sunrise at Arches National Park. Isn’t it beautiful?

I just had printed a photo book about that trip and had such a nice time reliving those memories that I’m dying to go back. Luckily, another adventure is just around the corner!

But seriously… isn’t it pretty?

Sunrise From The Road

I found this picture on my phone this week and keep thinking about it. The only thing better than a road trip with the sunrise in your rearview mirror is a road trip with the sun rising ahead of you.

Winter still has a stronghold here in Ohio but it seems like a good time to start thinking about a spring road trip. It doesn’t hurt to dream, right? Happy Tuesday!