Welcome, Spring

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.” –Sitting Bull

This image is from my four mile hike in the Hocking Hills last night. It was perfect hiking weather and a glorious day to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The Hocking Hills region is close to where I live and I know it reasonably well. I reference hiking here a good bit but wonder if anyone is interested in knowing more about the area and things to do here. If so, I’ll work on some observations to share here.

Right Now

Right now the sky is blue and the temperatures are warming up.

Right now the daffodils have pushed through the ground and are loaded with buds that will be open soon.

Right now it feels like something amazing is about to happen despite the starkness of barren trees and brown grass still carpeting the earth

Right now I am dying to work in my flower beds, eat breakfast on the porch and set off down a wooded trail to clear my mind.

Right now I just have to enjoy a walk when I can work one in and dream of being serenaded by birds while I dine on the porch.

What’s happening in your world right now?

It’s Just Around The Corner!

It’s just around the corner! Long woodland hikes along Trillium lined trails! Isn’t it pretty? Trillium is Ohio’s official wildflower, in case you ever need to know.

Winter into spring 2018 (81)

And flowerbeds filled with Irises of every color! My favorites are the traditional rich purple pictured here and bright, sunny yellow.

Winter into spring 2018 (90)

Hang in there, friends. Spring will be here soon! And remember, happiness is having something to look forward to.

This Winter Has Been Rough

I love Winter. There I said it. It’s not a popular opinion but I do.

I love snow and cold. I love winter coats, cute hats and colorful scarves. I love warm sweaters and nights cuddled up under a blanket with a good book. I love steaming hot baths on frigid nights. I love layering up for a hike on a crisp winter morning. I love going out and coming back into the warmth of home.

But this winter has been miserable.

We’ve had precious little snow. Instead, we’ve been inundated with rain. Well, to be more precise, we have days and days of warm rain that causes flooding that makes us all wish for an ark. Then Mother Nature snaps and we have a few days of freezing cold and snow followed by more rain and flooding.

And sometimes this all happens in a single day. It’s impossible to plan and everyone I know is sick. It’s been miserable.

Worst of all, it alternates between being too muddy, icy, windy and/or frigid to enjoy hiking. Even when you’re dying to go out and try anyway.

Last winter I hiked about every week or ten days. This winter, I’ve been out twice and the last time was so icy it was crazy to even try.

With that said – here are a few happy late winter hiking pictures from last year to get us through until the weather improves and we can enjoy the outdoors again!

Here’s hoping the groundhog was right and spring is just around the corner!