Morning Light At Shiloh Grove

a shilohWhen your world becomes small, you take more time with the things that you do have left. When out on my Saturday morning drive, I noticed how pretty the light was at this place called Shiloh Grove.

a shiloh 2

I like the door and shuttered windows as well as the weathered paint. Things here are still stark and dead in many places but the grass is incredibly green and the trees are beginning to experience their annual rebirth. The light was warm and the sky extraordinarily blue, accentuating the starkness of those trees while offering some hope that happy skies are ahead.

If there’s something interesting you drive by often, why not pull over and have a closer look?

Happiness Is…

Happiness is the first subtle signs of spring. The initial hint that spring is near came last week with a chorus of March Peepers serenading us at night. Yesterday it was the bloom of Crocus and Daffodils. Some trees have buds on them and the air is a bit warmer despite the absence of sun most days.

After months of rain and cold, these harbingers of spring give us hope that better days await.

Fortunately, sometimes hope is all we need to get ourselves through.

Musings On A Dreary Day

It’s bleak and muddy here in southern Ohio and the barren landscape has left me feeling somewhat uninspired.

The last couple of months have been void of adventure and filled with a lot of work and much quiet time at home.

Part of me wants to head out on adventure and part wants to stay inside till things green up and look less depressing.

This is a season in my life – it happens the same time every year and will be over soon. While I have enjoyed the solace of home – reading, playing music, and relaxing – I hope to soon snap out of this annual funk so I can hit the trail and find some fun to tell you about!

Grandview Cemtery In Spring

I have a thing for old cemeteries. They feel sacred, peaceful and welcoming to me. I took these photos at one of my favorites – Grandview Cemetery in Portsmouth –  a few years ago. I was involved in a lengthy relationship with a guy who used to live nearby and we sometimes walked in this cemetery. I loved it here. I haven’t been back to Portsmouth since we broke up over a year ago but imagine the cemetery looks like this right now.


There are a number of old graves here and interesting statuary. I always loved these two.

I have a number of photos from here. Maybe I’ll dig them out and share more with you someday.

Welcome, Spring

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.” –Sitting Bull

This image is from my four mile hike in the Hocking Hills last night. It was perfect hiking weather and a glorious day to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The Hocking Hills region is close to where I live and I know it reasonably well. I reference hiking here a good bit but wonder if anyone is interested in knowing more about the area and things to do here. If so, I’ll work on some observations to share here.