Encapsulated In Ice

Southern Ohio was on the receiving end of a nasty ice storm this week. I like a good snowfall but ice is treacherous and heavy, causing tree damage and it downed power lines across a huge swath of the state.

As a remote worker I was fortunate to keep power and still do my job. I also tried to keep my outdoor friends fed and went out after work last night to get a closer look at the ice.

The images above are from my outdoor expedition. The ones below I grabbed from my office window of some creatures that come to Scout’s bird feeder.

He’s not a bird but he’s hungry and Scout is fascinated by squirrels so we are happy to feed him and several others.

And here’s one of an actual bird!

It’s times like these that I’m especially grateful for my cozy home, my house panther and for the fact my remote work status alleviates the worry of travel most days. I’m also grateful for electricity and central heat!

Be careful today if you’re out running around!!

Good Things Grow Here

Drive through Downtown Marietta, Ohio and you can’t help but notice they have a new mural. Go check it out! It’s a real looker and I like the theme.

Good things do grow in Southern Ohio. If you have some free time this weekend, I hope you’ll go look for something fun to do in the area and be sure to open up your pocket book for a merchant, museum, restaurant or some other business you want to see thrive.

They need our support.

Need inspiration? This blog is chock full of places to visit!

Weaver’s Quilt Block

These pictures are eleven years old but still summon happy memories and much joy.

Once upon a time, I was responsible for wrangling volunteers and funding sources to create a trail of quilt barns in my community. We aimed to have ten but ended up creating 27 over time.

This one is at Weaver’s Christmas Tree Farm, owned and operated by the kindest husband and wife duo you could ever hope to meet. They treated me like I was their own family and were a joy to work with on this project.

Fred and Lois had an antique store as well as the tree farm and Lois was known for her homemade jams and jellies. Then, of course, there were the animals.

I don’t recall the cat’s name but he clearly didn’t know he was a cat.

He hung with the gang as though he was part of the flock!

Of course, this makes sense given the way Fred and Lois always behaved as though there was always time and always room for one more person or animal – all part of their flock.

Fred passed away a few years ago and I have lost track of Lois, two facts that make me sad. That job was hard and time consuming. I don’t miss that part but sure do miss some of the people and the adventures I had along the way.

Urban Air

I learned this week that Urban Air is coming back to Logan this May. Imagine having your downtown taken over by several dozen Airstreams…… it’s a sight to behold, especially if you are as captivated by the romance of an Airstream as I am.

The town rolls out the red carpet for this event and there was a lot to do last year. I’m hopeful it’s just as fun this time.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more about the event in case you’re interested in going. I have more pictures from last year too!

Winter Hike

I am fortunate to live close to several Ohio State Parks but have struggled to get outside this winter. Rain, cold, early darkness, my busy life and occasional laziness have largely kept me inside.

This week I’ve been dying to breathe some fresh air and stretch my legs. There’s nothing like a hike to clear the mind and help reframe troubles into something better.

So I headed out to Old Mans Cave in the famed Hocking Hills yesterday. There were flurries in the air and it wasn’t quite thirty degrees but proper layers kept me warm enough. Unfortunately, the entire park was basically a sheet of ice. There’s no preparing for that.

I hiked about 2.25 miles and didn’t fall despite the fact I was wishing for ice skates most of the way.

It was a short hike but quite challenging and indescribably beautiful. I’m glad I went and was equally glad to get out safely.

People often say they don’t like winter hiking because of the cold and I’ll never understand that. Despite the cold and ice, yesterday’s hike was far more pleasant than the hot, humid ones of summer in Ohio.

If you’ve never done it, my advice is to layer up and plan to reward yourself with some pancakes afterward like I did!

Christmas At Dogwood Pass

Let’s talk about Christmas, shall we?

Just down the road, near the village of Beaver, there’s a fun little place called Dogwood Pass. This old west town is complete with a mercantile, saloon, jail and other structures to tour and enjoy. During warm weather they host reenactments as well as events and private parties. During the Christmas season they go all out with lights and decorations.  On the weekends they have music, Santa and other fun as well.

I visited on a Saturday night last December, arriving just in time for Santa’s grand entrance. There was a light snow on the ground and he drove in to the town in a horsedrawn sleigh with jingle bells. A brass band played him in and he held court in the saloon, visiting with boys and girls of all ages. He was exactly what you would hope Santa would be like and his wife was lovely too.

I’m hoping to go back again this year. Maybe it will help me get into the holiday spirit. It’s a fun place for people of all ages but I imagine families would especially love it. I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses and events and hope you’ll support them too.

Dogwood Pass is located just off Route 32 near Beaver. You’ll see signs from the highway. The address is 722 Adams Road, Beaver and Google Maps should get you there from wherever you are in the world.

Get their hours and admission info on their Facebook page and visit them online for more information about the town and their events.