Glessner Covered Bridge

IMG_5422.JPGThere’s no greater joy than finding something unexpected.

Earlier this month, I took a road trip with a good friend. Our destination was some Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Pennsylvania. Along the way we visited the Flight 93 Memorial, a story that I’ll tell you later this week. We also drove into the village of Shanksville and, on our way out of town, stumbled across this covered bridge.

Meria said this was the happiest she had seen me in a long time, as I practically skipped down the road to get a closer look. As we were driving away, I caught a glimpse of this image in my rear view and just had to stop.


It sounds crazy but my happiest times these days are just spent wandering around, looking at nothing and at everything. You never know what you’ll see in this big ole’ world. Incidentally, this was our first sign of fall this year – it was a cool, windy day and there were patches of color here and there as you can see in the photo below. We loved it.


In case you’re interested, this is the Glessner Covered Bridge in Somerset County, Pa. A plaque nearby says that it was built in 1881 by Tobias Glessner and is an example of multiple King Post and Burr Arch style truss. It was closed in 1995 but rehabbed in 1998. It is now open to traffic.

The pictures below show the construction.