Car Dancing In The Rearview Mirror

My hometown is so small it has a single traffic light. Actually, that traffic light is the only one in our entire county.

While we are rural, there are certain times of day that traffic can be bad. So if you’re sitting at a two way stop attempting to turn left onto Main Street when school just let out, you could be waiting awhile.

One day last week I was waiting impatiently for my turn to go when I noticed the driver of the car behind me.

She was happily car dancing, singing and drumming the steering wheel. She appeared to not have a single care in the world.

I suddenly felt silly for being so impatient and it was a light moment, a reminder that we can enjoy the small things even when we are trying to get someplace else.

A few miles down the road, I was sitting at another stop sign, this one on a less traveled country road. Remembering the young Dancing Queen from that other intersection, I paused to enjoy this scene and to breathe the fresh Ohio air.

It required under a minute but those few seconds of beauty were like a much needed balm for the soul.

Cultivating a Better Life

I like to take vacation around the holidays. This period is perfect for a forced slow down, to transition from three seasons of busy into my season of quiet.

The rest of the year is occupied by a lot of running around but our unpredictable winter weather often makes it hard to get out. I look forward to this time of year- soft blankets and books, inside chores and quiet walks through the snow take the place of road trips, weekend adventures and breakfasts on the porch.

January is typically a no spend month for me. This organized spending fast means bills are paid and necessities purchased but making do is the common theme and there are no frivolous purchases. Recreational shopping is not allowed but that’s ok because there are many free ways to stay happily occupied.

I’m more apt to do puzzles, to go to bed early and to spin records while cleaning something on a Saturday afternoon.

Relaxation is key and I turn my attention inward, write more, focus on self improvement and on building a better life.

It’s a good time of year.

This vacation is about transitioning into that period. I spent a couple of days running around but today will bake Christmas cookies for my folks. From now until the New Year the plan is to be mostly domestic.

Although, if the weather is good, there may be one last little road trip for the year, a Christmas gift to myself. After Natalie died, I realized that life is too short to not live as we wish.

This week is also about refocusing on plant based eating, exercise and rest. The last couple of months have brought spurts of stress and busyness that have messed with my sleep and left me in a position that I’m glad to just eat vegetarian while away from home rather than the plant based food that makes me feel so good.

In other words, friends, I’m making this break exactly what I need it to be. My wish for all of you is that you get a few days each year to do that for yourself. Remember, today is a great time to start.