Shawnee, Ohio

Last week we talked about Rendville, a small town with big history in an area known as the Little Cities of Black Diamonds.

Another town I drove through that day is the village of Shawnee, a hub during the mining boom of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. With opera houses, churches, social groups, a bowling alley, newspapers, plenty of professional services and rail lines, it was quite the place.

The boom is long over but there remains remnants of another time including some fantastic, albeit crumbling downtown storefronts. A dedicated group of individuals is working to restore the Tecumseh Theater and to breathe new life into this old place that’s haunted with stories I would love to know.

Also, if you’re a hiker, the Buckeye Trail goes right by.

I don’t make it up to this area very often but always swing in to look at a couple of things. The image above represents one of them. That old sign is amazing and the flag above made for a great picture.


Yesterday was an adventure day! It was almost like old times, leaving early for a hike at a local state park before setting out on a drive. The journey was the destination and it didn’t disappoint. On this warm and blue sky day you wouldn’t know that much of our country is on fire both physically and metaphorically or that a pandemic continues to move through our communities.

I have several pictures and a few stories to tell from the journey. Look for those in the future.

Here’s one more to brighten your day. This is the tiny town of Shawnee, Ohio.

I plan to spend today catching up on chores and will do some things that are good for my health. I hope you enjoy yours too.

What Would You Do With This Building?

The town of Shawnee has some amazing old buildings. This one really sparks my imagination and I’m dying to see someone turn it into something useful. It would be a great antique store, restaurant or guest lodging!

If I ever win the lottery this is the kind of project I would take on. Just for fun- if you had unlimited resources – what would you do with this building?