Leave Nothing Behind

Products like toothpaste, shampoo and the above pictured Olay face wash are never really empty when you think they are. Cut off the end and you’ll be surprised to find there are several more days worth of product left.

Given how expensive everything is, it’s best not to leave anything behind. After all, a dollar saved is gas in the tank for your next road trip!

Cleaning out the fridge: a frugal lunch

I had some stuff in my fridge this morning that was approaching the point of no return. Another day or two and they would either get tossed or pushed to the back of the shelf to languish until the mold is so severe I contemplate how badly I want to save the container.

Sigh. This is not a good place to be.

So today’s lunch is an assortment of bits and pieces that might otherwise have been wasted. Some turkey, a banana that was a day away from turning soft, some very tasty hot pepper jack cheese and the last of this week’s grapes. It’s a little bland looking but very tasty.  It’s also a nice feeling to know that this stuff I worked to pay for won’t be wasted.