Notes From the Road


There’s always a camera on the passenger seat during my road trips and it isn’t uncommon for me to circle back to snap a quick picture of something along the way.

This isn’t a problem in town as there’s almost always somewhere to park. It’s a little more challenging in rural areas, especially along state routes and other busy highways. I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve missed simply because there’s no safe way to get off the road.

The other problem is that the best angle frequently isn’t from the road. But venturing onto private property isn’t an option so I just make do with available circumstances. Case in point: the above barn picture. It sits at the intersection of a state route and a country lane. I was able to pull off the berm of that country lane and grab this picture but I was dying to see it from another angle. Especially after catching a glimpse of this truck.


Look at the patina on that truck! I was dying to see the headlights and grill but they faced away from the road and I didn’t want to go knock on the door and ask to take pictures. If I were a more serious photographer or if I had more time that day, maybe.

But that’s ok because the barn and the truck are pretty great anyway. And I can use my imagination for the rest.

Next Time I’ll Buy A New Dress

Living in a rural area, meeting new people is hard and finding a suitable mate outside school or church is darn near impossible. So a friend suggested that I give online dating a whirl before completely resigning from the dating scene

Turns out, online dating only expedited the resignation

Yikes. Guys. You wouldn’t believe the things I saw and the things men seem to think are suitable pick up lines. I know some people who are happily married after meeting their spouses this way but I’m guessing they’re in the minority.

Another friend keeps sending me stories about women murdered by guys they met online. That seems to be his way of showing support and was helpful in keeping my trust issues alive.

If you’re considering online dating, here’s some friendly advice. Gentlemen, take off the hat, shave and smile for the camera. No one wants to date a sad looking guy who can’t even smile to make a good first impression. Gals, my advice for you is to look for red flags and trust your gut. You don’t owe anyone anything and if a fella is pressuring you to meet and you’re not ready, that’s his problem and not yours. There are a lot of crazies out there and I encountered several that seem to fit that category.

But honestly, I wouldn’t bother. My philosophy is that I need to go out and live my life and be happy. If someone comes along, great. If not, well … I’m happy anyway!

My subscription expires today and I am relieved that it’s over and I can stop feeling guilty for wasting the money. Next time, I’ll just spend the money on a new dress and take myself out to dinner!