Feathering My Nest

Yesterday’s gloom was a good excuse to stay home and feather my nest. Part of that involved simply straightening up the messes made last week when I was under the weather. Part of it was moving some furniture to accommodate a cabinet my parents gave me. I also tried to convince Scout that he wants to use the new larger litter box I bought for him. All of this plus a pot of potato soup for good measure!

It was a nice day.

The problem with a day like this is that it encourages me to notice things I want to change. My carpet is ugly and worn out and I have in mind a bedding look I would like for winter if I can find what I want. Then there’s the craft room/storage room that is a perpetual mess. I have a few fixes in mind but am honestly not sure how to proceed so paralyzed with indecision I will remain for at least a while longer. Then there’s the completely useless dining room I would like to transform into a library. Again, what to do with the furniture and which shelves should I buy?

The indecision regarding these rooms reminds me of the five year long saga that surrounded the need to replace my back door. Don’t ask. Just know it was excruciating.

While I wrestle with these and other issues, I will choose to be happy with this corner of my home.

Doesn’t it look inviting and cozy? It is pretty comfy.

Adventure season is not done but it is winding down. I have one big adventure and a few smaller ones planned throughout the holidays. Soon, though, I’ll be hunkering down at home and enjoying a no spend month or two. It’s good having a welcoming place and a refuge to return to at the end of a long adventure season.

We all deserve to have a place to call our own whether it be a corner, a room or an entire home. I hope you have a place like that for yourself.