Missed One

When I took a closer look at my pictures from the Dawn Patrol event Friday, I noticed one that I had completely missed. The event was held at the National US Air Force Museum at Dayton this weekend and I had taken both my digital dslr and my phone to play with so there were several images to sift through.

Turns out, I failed to notice the above image on my first run through the images and very nearly deleted it because it had issues. I had to crop it to make these youngsters more prominent. This is unusual for me as I more or less consider myself a documentary photographer and prefer to roll with what I capture as-is.

All the same, I’m kind of digging how it turned out. Look how they admire the plane!

These two and another boy appeared to be the youngest reenactors in a field populated mainly by middle aged and retired men. It was refreshing to think some younger enthusiasts will help keep the stories and this hobby alive.

Here’s another look at the youngest.

He looks so serious!

The morale of the story here is to look a little closer before you throw away an imperfect image. You might miss out on something special.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

Occasionally, you find yourself standing in exactly the right place at precisely the right moment and with a camera in your hand.

That’s what happened to me the day I made this picture which I happen to really like.


The picture was made at Wright Patterson Air Force Base the day I visited with my dad to see the Memphis Belle. Torrential rain had really dampened most of the planned outdoor activities but a few hearty souls were out with their planes, Jeeps and food trucks between showers.

I wanted to see the bombers but dad and I had stopped to look at this Jeep when this reenactor came into view in the mirror.

It was like seeing a ghost in the mirror.

Here’s the full Jeep in case you’re interested.

fb3Want to read more about that day? I’ll write more about the museum this winter but you can read about seeing the Memphis Belle by clicking here.