Rainbow Room After The Rain

After raining nearly all day, the sky finally dried up but the sidewalks were still wet. There were people behind me so I couldn’t just stop for a picture. However, I did manage to snap this while still walking.

I like the pops of color, the dark moodiness, all the people and the way the sign reflects in both the sidewalk and the window.

It’s just fun.

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Rained Out

Last night’s plan was to walk the bike path in Athens with my cousin. Unfortunately, another round of thunderstorms rumbled through the region, dumping buckets of water as colorful lightening streaked across the angry sky.

In short, we didn’t walk. Instead, we put on our walking clothes and went out for Mexican. We had a terrific dinner and a relaxing time catching up. Then we went to the neighborhood big box store “to walk.” This is code for “we looked at plants and hair care products.”

Don’t judge.

The bad news is that today’s plan to show you pictures from the bike path fell through.

It just goes to show that we can plan all we like but there are plenty of obstacles to cause us to slow down or change course – for better or worse.

Did I need the exercise? You betcha. Did I need chips and salsa? Not really.

All the same, it was great fun catching up with another single gal and having someone to laugh with. We should do that more often.

I regret nothing.

Meanwhile, here are pretty flowers to brighten your day.

Happy Thursday, friends. Enjoy!!

There’s Beauty If You Look

There is something good or interesting or beautiful to see everywhere you go. You just have to look.

On the rainy day I made this picture, I remembered the old saying sometimes you have to make your own sunshine.

What is this?

It’s a leaf stuck to my car on a rainy day. Isn’t it beautiful?

Water Lillies And A Rainy Hike

Yesterday was busy. I had errands and chores to do but still managed to squeeze in a hike between responsibilities and rain showers.

Sometimes it’s the fun things that we shoehorn in amongst responsibilities that mean the most.

Dark clouds hovered over Lake Hope when I arrived but there was no lightening and the system was moving through so I read a book in the car and waited it out.

I did get rained on a bit near the end of the hike but I didn’t mind. It was hot despite a decent breeze. Tree cover provided a good bit of protection but a few raindrops made it through and it felt amazing.

Afterward, I drove to another area of the lake to photograph the first water lilies in bloom. This guy hovered and landed, providing a quick opportunity to grab some pictures!

In all, it was a good day but my allergies are now acting up and I’ll pay for this adventure for a while. Nonetheless, it felt good to move and breathe fresh air and to be a kid again playing in the rain! Everyone should take a walk in a quiet forest on a rainy day once in a while.