Quaker Meeting House


Chesterfield Meeting House

Years ago when visiting my Aunt Florene in Chesterhill, Ohio she took me to the Quaker Meeting House where she worshiped.

Quaker worship sounds very appealing to me. The meeting house is simple and and worship is based on silent waiting. During this time, they listen for the small voice that comes from God through what they call Inward Light. Worshiping with others in silence forms a different kind of community.

That’s not to say that it is completely silent. If someone feels moved to speak, they do. And then the silence continues.

Quakers are welcoming to all and worshipers are encouraged to come as they are. They believe that every person is loved by and guided by God. For an introvert who is annoyed by the amount of chatter in some churches, this sounds like a dream come true. I’m sure this is an over simplified explanation of the faith but hopefully you will be interested to learn more.

Chesterhill was founded by the Quakers in 1834 and was originally called Chesterfield. This meeting house was built five years later and sits on the same site as the original meeting house from their founding year.

Morgan County had a well organized chapter of the Underground Railroad and the Quakers of this town were said to be instrumental in its success. Legend has it that no slaves were ever captured here.

The day I visited, Florene and I were the only two people in the building. It was a peaceful experience and it made me wish I lived closer.

I think I was still using film at the time or maybe was just transitioning to digital. The photos aren’t especially good (and I would love to go back someday) but you hopefully will find it interesting anyway.