Porch Respite

z lancaster blue house.jpg

This porch. I just want to sit down in one of those chairs with a lemonade and plate of cookies.  The blue is calming. The chairs are welcoming. The thought of a morning spent here with no place to be is priceless.

Porch Party Time

Yesterday’s work session was a great success, partly because the weather turned out okay and mostly because my parents came to help.

The house is clean(er). Not perfect but much better. I even got the porch cleaned up, some flowers potted and the porch ready for the season.

If you need me this summer, chances are I’ll be here if I’m not out adventuring. It’s a perfect hideout and I like to call my time here porch parties. It’s typically a party for one and the soundtrack consists of bullfrogs and whippoorwills.

My outdoor style is flea market chic – otherwise known as cool old junk. It’s a comfortable place and a great place to read or just sit and relax. I’ll have most of meals out here until it gets too cold again.

But for today, adventure awaits. I’ll have to relax here later.

Hope you go out and do something fun today!

My Happy Place

I wish I could describe how much I love my back porch. It’s screened and I have filled it with vintage and found treasures that make me happy. My two favorite times of day are breakfast (right now, in fact) and dusk when the twinkle lights are on.

In the mornings, birds keep me company – countless birds that come to my feeders and that fill the trees on the overgrown hill behind the house. I know it’s a bit unsightly but the brush and trees on that hill are filled with rabbits and birds and lizards and deer that I want to have around.

On mornings like this the air is cool and sweet. I can hear a woodpecker in the distance while a nearby mourning dove sings its lonely call. Here, it feels like all is right with the world. And so I eat my breakfast and gather my thoughts before starting another day.

In the evenings a chorus of bullfrogs, crickets and owls join in the conversation. A lot of nights I don’t even turn on the television. I do my chores, make dinner and retreat to the porch, where I stay, until long past my bedtime.

My parents built this porch for me as a birthday gift a few years ago and it is truly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Everyone should be so lucky.