Angel of Pineola

Yesterday I showed you pictures of this pretty little church in Pineola, North Carolina. What I didn’t tell you is that it was raining sideways when we arrived and that we had to wait it out to snap a few pictures.

While we were sitting in the car, I glanced over at a shelter house on the church property and could see what appeared to be an angel praying.

I sat there for a while before asking my friend if she could see it too. Haha. I sort of didn’t trust my own eyes!

Turns out, it is a larger than life angel carved from wood. The artist took great care in the details including the texture of her hair and wings.

I was fascinated by her and overcome with wonder at why she is here. She is simply sitting at the edge of this shelter house surrounded by picnic tables and a grill. It’s like someone put her there temporarily and forgot to come back for her.

It made me both sad that she’s seemingly being neglected in this spot and spectacularly happy that she exists in the first place.

These small discoveries are the reason why I keep exploring. You never know what you might find!

Pineola Presbyterian Church

During our travels through the mountains north of Asheville, we found ourselves driving through a small town called Pineola.

It was here that I caught a glimpse of an old church that caused me to scream that we had to stop. Haha. My poor friend was driving and had never experienced my irrational demands to stop and go back immediately.

Isn’t it pretty?

With wood shingle siding and stained glass windows, Pineola Presbyterian Church is one of the prettiest and most unique churches I have seen.

The hillside behind the church holds an older cemetery and there’s a shelter house with picnic tables where I imagine the church holds events.

Here’s another look from the cemetery.

There are churches everywhere you look in North Carolina. This one is tidy and so pleasant it’s tempting to go back for a service someday just to see inside.