1953 Ford F-100

Is it odd to follow a classic vehicle into a store parking lot just to get a closer look?

If so, I don’t want to be normal.

The owner was in the store by the time I made it there but I paused a moment to appreciate his 1953 Ford F-100 in terrific shape. Spotting cool old vehicles out in the wild is a priceless gift.

An Old Truck And A Special Day

My friend’s daughter got married yesterday. In between helping with a few last minute details, I snuck away to look at this old gal.

She’s rough but has lots of character and would make for a fantastic photo prop.

The patina!

The seats!

Who needs the paint and shine of a new truck when you can have the rust and honesty of an old one?

The wedding was beautiful too. It was an outdoor ceremony with the reception held in an event barn. After a year of isolation, it was fun watching so many of their friends and relatives celebrate this special day with the happy couple. It was even better to see them so happy.

Congratulations and best wishes to Kayce and Kamau!

Somewhere In Indiana

I snapped this somewhere in Indiana between Jasper and Danville a few years ago. These towns are 115 miles apart via the route I traveled. In other words, it could be anywhere.

The handy thing about documenting a road trip with an iPhone is that it records the location as well as the image. My fancy DSLR doesn’t do that. This picture came from the camera, not the phone and I failed to keep good notes.

Luckily, I don’t need to go back. However, it makes a good case for my current road trip technique which is to take wide angle shots with my phone and details with the zoom lens on my camera. The camera quality is better but the phone provides documentation without my stopping to change lenses or write things down.

In other words, it’s the lazy girl’s guide to remembering things. I’m not sure if I should be proud of my ingenuity or embarrassed at my poor organization while out running around.

Either way, it works.

An Old Barn and Truck

Old barns and trucks go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re a beautiful reminder of another time and a different way of life.

I made this picture early one Sunday morning a couple of years ago. I was out for a leisurely drive to pick up donuts and couldn’t resist pulling over for some pictures along the way. It’s a pretty-as-a-picture reminder of that relaxing morning.

I hope you can take time today to make a donut run, go look for an old barn or simply relax the day away.

Happy Sunday, friends.

Every Day Except Today

This is a magnet bought while out adventuring yesterday. I don’t enjoy a lot of refrigerator clutter but this spoke to me and seemed like a good investment for just a few bucks.

Today it’s raining and gloomy in this corner of the world, and while I could seek adventure in the rain, it’s a great day for some chores and perhaps a movie later.

So, to recap: Every day IS a new adventure …. except today. Today I stay home and do regular stuff!

What are you up to this soggy Saturday?

Another Adventure, Another Day

You always see the coolest stuff when you have no time to dawdle and no camera in the car. It’s Murphy’s Law and happens every time I’m on a work errand. I did stop a minute to grab a few camera photos from the car window, swearing that I will go back another day.

It’s not too far from home and it’s farm country so I might rustle up something else to photograph. Meanwhile, let’s not worry about photo composition and quality and smile at the fact these gems exist in the same place.

Another adventure for another day!