Old Chicago at the Old Moon Theater

chicago theater vincennes 2I was talking to someone yesterday about some of the roaming I did in Indiana last year. It reminded me of an evening in Vincennes where there was a fun little street fair underway. There were old cars, great architecture and lots of fun to be had that night. I wandered around with my camera and talked to strangers for a bit.

When the light began to fade and my stomach started to growl, I found my way into Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. This is a chain but there is something very special about the building. It’s an old movie theater!

The New Moon Theater was built in downtown Vincennes in 1939 and quickly became a landmark where people lined up around the block to purchase tickets. Like so many old buildings, it was repurposed a few times over the years before being shuttered and at risk of loss.

Some investors sunk a lot of money into this property, transforming it into restaurant space that employs about a hundred people. Craft pizza and beers are the specialty and the atmosphere is welcoming.

chicago theater vincennes 1They did a nice job with the remodel. You really wouldn’t know that it was once a theater but there’s exposed brick so I’ll forgive them. The decor is mostly timeless and very comfortable so I was glad to hang here for a while.

The service was fantastic too, not for perfection but for how my server handled a problem. I had ordered a veggie calzone and they accidentally put sausage in it. I’m not a picky eater but am pescaterian so I wasn’t thrilled to find meat in my food.

I was nice when I pointed out the error because it was just a simple mistake.  She was absolutely appalled, brought me new food straightaway and got the manager to comp my meal without my asking. I didn’t expect anything for free and she was so sweet I tipped her the price of my meal.

You really find out what people are made of when you see how they react to a problem and that young lady was made to work in customer service. In case your’re wondering, the calzone was excellent too.

So, if you’re ever in Vincennes, Indiana and have a hankering for some great food in a fun environment, check out the Old Chicago!

There’s a good bit of history in Vincennes, including a number of stories that I haven’t told here yet. They’re on the list but I haven’t gotten to them. I did, however, write about the Red Skelton Museum which I loved, as well as about this road trip in general. 

This was the trip where I swore I would see more sunrises in my daily life. 

I’ve failed miserably at this goal but at least I try, right?