The Secrets It Holds

Do you ever look at an old house and wonder what stories it would tell if it could talk? What secrets are held within these walls?

Who lived here? Were they happy? Where did they go when they left this place? The sorrows and joys, the daily chores and the celebrations, the laughter and tears must still reverberate through the walls and windows – even if we can’t hear or see them.

The possibilities are endless and I love to imagine different people and what their lives must have been like.

A Grand Old Dame

This old house is visible from a four lane highway near Washington Court House. I always admire it from the highway but finally swung into the side road it’s on for a closer look.

It’s a gorgeous old house but it appears to be uninhabited. However, the farm around it is extremely active. There were tractors and trucks and people in and out, creating a busy atmosphere.

It made me a little sad. The whole scene reminded me of a beautiful old lady, sitting by herself at a party while all the young folks carry on like she isn’t even there.

I wouldn’t want to be a farmer and probably couldn’t afford the electric bill for this house but I sure would love to live in something like it!