Springbank Methodist Church

There’s an old brick church that always catches my eye when I travel Route 104 from Chillicothe to Columbus. It’s set off from the road, surrounded by farmland. There’s a cemetery across the highway that appears to be related to the church.

I made a point to stop for a closer look on my last trip by earlier this month. I have been telling you some of the stories from that day including butterflies at Franklin Park Conservatory and finding classic treats at the Peanut Shoppe. These things were wonderful but I was equally entertained by scoping out old barns and this historic church.

I appreciate the simple details here like this bell.

The front door seems careworn and welcoming.

And the way the sky reflects in this window is striking.

The church was founded by Dr. Edward Tiffin who was Ohio’s first governor. The current building has been standing since the early nineteenth century.

That summarizes all I know about it but something here feels familiar and welcoming. It’s tempting to drive over for a Sunday morning service just to see inside. I’ll keep you updated if that happens!