In Like A Lamb

Have you heard the proverb “in like a lion, out like a lamb” when referring to March weather? I’m assuming the opposite is true and that March will leave like a lion when it comes in as pleasant as this week promises to be.

I hit my usual walking spot last night after work, sporting dress pants and a sweater with my walking shoes. While oddly dressed for my activity, there was no need at all for a jacket.

In fact, it was a gorgeous evening to be outdoors and today promises to be even better with a forecast of sun and fifties. Since March is arriving as meek as a little lost lamb, I’m devising a plan for some adventure this weekend. An important key to happiness is always having something to look forward to and I’m eager to hit the road!

Winter certainly isn’t over here in Ohio but we can worry about that lion a little later! Let’s all enjoy this beautiful week! Welcome to March, friends!!

Summer Has Arrived

Ohio weather quickly shifted from cool and rainy to downright hot and humid. That’s what we do here. About 349 days out of the year are uncomfortable for one reason or another – humidity, heat, rain, snow, sleet, high winds… and during the shoulder seasons you’ll sometimes experience all of this in a single week.

My next statement will likely win me some hate mail but since I NEVER complain about winter, I reserve the right to say this at least once.

Yesterday’s heat made me miss winter.

You can only take off so many clothes and, when it’s humid, the only place to find relief is in the air conditioning. You can’t even breath when it gets this humid. But when it’s cold you can still bundle up and go outside at almost any time of day. Plus, there’s nothing more purifying than a deep breath of fresh air on a chilly winter day.

Besides, isn’t it pretty?

So here begins my summer quarantine where all outdoor activities occur early and late and where the rest of the day is spent sprinting from one air conditioned oasis to another while trying not to have a heat stroke or sunburn along the way.

If you need me, I’ll be sipping cold ice water in the air conditioning and counting the days till fall. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy the day but try to stay cool and safe.