Big Sky

It’s a big sky over a big world. Whether you’re nosing around in your own community or headed out on a grand adventure, go find something interesting to see or learn.

This is the Bicentennial Barn in Vinton County, Ohio. It’s in my own community but I never hesitate to let off the gas and have a look when in the neighborhood.

It’s Saturday! Get out there and explore today!

Big Sky

I braked for some pictures on the way home yesterday. The sky seemed enormous and the colors more vivid than a box of Crayola Crayons.

The top picture is the Ohio Bicentennial Barn in Vinton County and the photo below is a nearby octagon barn, my favorite barn anywhere.

Isn’t it the very vision of spring? Enjoy this day, friends. Here’s hoping for big skies, vibrant color and adventures wherever you may be.