Small Town Art

Public art in a small town always makes me smile. Even if I don’t understand the context, even if I don’t stop for a closer look, it means a lot to know that someone thought to create something that makes their town better.

Coming from a small town, I appreciate the volunteers and the ingenuity that it often takes to make something out of nothing. I’ve been that person and have seen countless others hard at work as well.

This mural can be seen along the National Road in Brazil, Indiana and it really adds something special to their downtown district.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Hiding In Plain Sight

You ever drive by a place dozens of times and then one day really see it? I mean, truly see it and notice details that were hiding in plain sight?

That happened to me this week after leaving a business meeting in downtown Chillicothe. This vintage advertising pretty much made my day. I hope it brightens yours too!