Happiness Is….

Happiness is the call of the open road.

This particular road is curvy, winding through the hills of Morgan County in southeast Ohio. Route 555, also called the Triple Nickel, is a popular destination for bikers and car enthusiasts. It is a beautiful drive with some incredible, expansive views of the countryside.

The road dates back to 1937 and was gravel in the early days. That would have been rough going!

If you’re interested, you can hop on the Triple Nickel from Route 50/ the Appalachian Highway and take it all the way north to St. Route 60 near Zanesville.

It’s about sixty miles and a fun way to see some countryside!

The Best Pizza In Wyoming and Plan B

We stopped for lunch in Lusk, Wyoming on the way to Rapid City. This picture represents a portion of their charming downtown area. I know it’s a bar but I liked the bike and all the colorful signs. More importantly, there was a promise made that the best pizza in Wyoming is made at a local joint here in Lusk.

Alas, that best pizza isn’t available over Labor Day weekend.

They were closed. Yup. Just my luck.

Since we had eaten a light breakfast, we were starving with few food options in the neighborhood. So we ended up at a gas station across the street where we found gas station snacks and “fresh personal pizzas.”

It seemed pretty impersonal pulling it out from under a warming light and it wasn’t especially fresh either. But it kept us from starving until we could get a real meal.

The moral of this story is that sometimes you have to adapt and come up with a plan b.

First though, we stood on the sidewalk outside the pizza place staring at the closed sign and debating what to do. It was reminiscent of the Griswold Family outside Wallyworld when they found it closed. It probably appeared we were willing the place to open just for us and for pizza to magically appear! After some initial whining, we eventually decided that we just needed to not starve and to move forward.

Things don’t always go as planned when you travel and that’s ok. Into everyone’s travel life some gas station food may come. It’ll make you appreciate the next meal even more!!!