Cheat Day

Teasers for the movie A Man Called Otto have been torturing me for months. Tom Hanks never disappoints and the movie looked enticing. Unfortunately, it opened two days ago, squarely during my No Spend Challenge.

Five years ago I would have denied my own request to spend money on entertainment during a No Spend Month. These days I feel like I have a better hold on the intention of my No Spend Challenge. So while planning back in December, I decided to give myself a pass to see the movie with one caveat.

I had to make it a social occasion.

As an only child and a single person, I am comfortable in my own company to the point I may be too comfortable. I like being alone and rarely think to include others in my day. So I gave myself a budget for a matinee, snacks and dinner out with my cousin Sherrie. We walked inside her local mall to beat the cold and rounded out the day at the grocery store.

Exciting, I know.

I also filled my car with gas for the first time in almost two weeks, dropped a big haul at Goodwill and wandered around a vendor mall following our walk. I did make an unplanned, unnecessary purchase. It was a vintage suitcase in fantastic condition for $2.15 with tax.

It was an extraordinary bargain and will go well with my suitcase collection at a fraction of the cost they normally sell for.

So I found a bargain, enjoyed a movie I was dying to see and had some social time too.

In all, it felt successful and I regret nothing.

So my No Spend Challenge resumes today and I’m happy to continue following the rules for a calmer, more restful experience where I stick close to home and find ways to use what I have to be happy. It’s pretty rewarding once you have the hang of it!