No Contest

If it’s a contest, it looks like Count Chocula is winning. I spotted this display in the store last night and couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I got a sugar high just from standing there but it was a fun walk down memory lane to a time when I wanted cereal because of the characters on the box.

Ok. I still respond to great marketing and sort of wanted to buy one of these even though I don’t eat cereal. After all, the only thing scary about this trio is the nutritional content!

I have been busy running around and adventuring for the last few days but promise to get you some fresh stories about this weekend’s fun, more from the DC trip and the last two Chillicothe ghost walk stories. Stay tuned. It’s all coming soon.

Not Buying Whatever They’re Selling

Twelve days into my No Spend Challenge and it feels like everywhere I look someone is trying to sell me something.

Advertising is designed to make us feel insecure, to make us feel like what we have isn’t good enough. You’ll look better in these jeans. You’ll be happier if you drink this beverage. You’ll be wealthier if you invest with us. Your house will be prettier if you buy hundreds of dollars of crap at our store. Better yet, buy a whole new house and fill the entire thing with the widgets we sell!

Even the otherwise inspiring podcasters I enjoy are trying to sell their books and consultations.

Satisfaction is a threat to sales people everywhere.

I’ve all but stopped reading women’s magazines, hardly ever catch a tv commercial, am actively unsubscribing from marketing emails, and blissfully scroll past all the targeted ads meant to sell me what I don’t need.

The world claims that my most important value is as a consumer but I’m choosing to go a different route.

This annual No Spend Challenge is a meaningful reminder that my life is good already. I have a nice home, plenty of healthy food to eat and tons of ways to entertain myself that don’t include shopping or buying things.

And by saving my money now, I’ll have funds for adventures this summer! That is worth way more to me than anything the world is selling right now!