Marietta Brewing Company

Marietta, Ohio has numerous restaurant options to suit any taste. From classic diners to Middle Eastern food to amazing Italian and everything in between, there is literally something for everyone.

One favorite spot is the Marietta Brewing Company, a busy staple on Front Street in the city’s historic downtown. They’ve been around since 1997 and are known for their family atmosphere and craft beer with delicious food.

I don’t drink but I like the atmosphere and I’ve never had a bad meal here. They do have a black bean burger but I opted for a fish sandwich with waffle fries. My meal was piping hot and, while the fish was fried, it was not at all greasy.

Exposed brick adorned with murals give the place character. The tile floors are pretty spectacular. What I saw and heard of the staff made me think they offer top notch service and my waitress was especially fantastic.

Get their menu here and check them out your next trip to Marietta. It’s worth the trip. While you’re in town, check out all the other fun things to see and do. I have written about a few here and you can find those stories by using the search bar to locate Marietta.

Sixty Years Of Fashion

It reminds me of an advertisement for Barbie dolls through the years.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Marietta, Ohio, look for fresh murals and faded advertising pieces on old brick walls. You’ll see something interesting in nearly every nook and cranny of downtown.

This one is easy to spot. You’ll find it on Front Street, the main drag through their historic downtown. If you’re in the market for fabulous new clothes and accessories, Teri Ann’s has been dressing local ladies for sixty years, as the mural says.

The Anchorage In Black And White

Yesterday I told you about my trip to the Anchorage in Marietta, Ohio. Here are some more pictures, this time in black and white.

Here’s the front of the tower.

A cradle in an upstairs bedroom.

You walk through the attic to get to the tower stairs.

The light in this room was both lovely and creepy. I still say it looks like a good place for a Victorian seance.

Here’s one more. This home has some beautiful windows and woodwork, even in rooms like this one that are awaiting restoration.

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The Anchorage

A gorgeous Italianate home perched atop a Marietta, Ohio hillside has long captured my imagination. You can catch glimpses of the roofline from a road above and peeks here and there of this stately home as you move around the city.

In recent years, it has been open for events, paranormal investigations, and tours as the Washington County Historical Society has labored on restoration.

This 1859 era house has been home to many families across the decades and regrettably served as a nursing home for about twenty years beginning in the sixties.

Douglas Putnam, one of Marietta’s wealthiest men, had the home built for his wife. Her name was Eliza Putnam and she had fallen in love with the beautiful homes she saw while on a trip through New England. She was especially charmed by the Italianate home of friends she had stayed with during that trip.

The project architect designed other famous homes in the area including The Castle which is also open to visitors. However, Eliza personalized it to suit her tastes, carefully choosing the colors, woodwork and other details to make the house their home.

It took ten years and $60,000 to complete. It’s said that Eliza died of heart disease within three years of living there and that Douglas regretted building the home.

By the way, the cost of this home would be $1.7 million in today’s money.

It has been called many names over the years. The Putnams called it Elmwood while many people in town called it Putnam’s Folly. It eventually was owned by a family who had a boat building company. They christened the home The Anchorage.

A self guided tour gives you access to the house and property. The ground floor of the house has been beautifully restored but the second floor, attic and tower remain untouched.

Every owner left a mark, changing it to suit their needs and tastes. Luckily, there are many original elements that weren’t lost to time and trends.

I was drawn to these doors.

This room appears to be a perfect place for a seance.

As much as I liked the remodeled parts of the house, I also appreciated the untouched places, those that are deteriorated and that give a sense of how far they have come.

And then there’s the tower, which offers 360 degrees of windows, with a fabulous view of the city.

They seem to promote this home mostly for the reported paranormal activity. I actually went to see the cool old house without expectation of experiencing anything out of the ordinary. But I have to admit that this empath experienced an emotional roller coaster starting with the moment I drove up until I headed back down the hill.

I never felt fearful but I did feel emotions ranging from discomfort to anxiety to grief and loneliness. At times I felt oddly trapped. I had looked forward to seeing the tower but felt so forlorn by the time I was there it was hard to enjoy the experience.

But, I suppose that itself was part of my experience.

There were specific spaces that bothered me more but I was mindful to not be influenced by the power of suggestion. After all, it’s a creepy old house with shadowy corners where paranormal investigators flock for overnight probes to interact with the Putnams, servants and nursing home patients. One of those nursing home patients reported frequent encounters with a child spirit while she was a resident there.

I also purposely didn’t read these details on the flyer they provided because I didn’t want to know until after I left.

It was an interesting experience. I would go back and actually look forward to returning when their work is done. I would also be interested in one of those paranormal events, mainly because I’ve never done anything like that and I’m curious.

The Finns who have the Anchorage offer other tours in the area. Click here to learn more! If you’re on Facebook, check out Make the Journey Fun. I’ll post some more pictures there this week.

Meandering Through Marietta

Yesterday took me to Marietta, Ohio to tour an allegedly haunted historic home. I’m well familiar with this city but like to visit a few times a year to do something new while revisiting favorite spots. It is always worth the trip.

The self guided tour at the Anchorage was worth the $10 admission. Check back this week for a full report.

Lunch was at Marietta Brewing Company where my fish sandwich was piping hot and delicious. The service and atmosphere are great too.

There are some new shops that I hadn’t been in and I was pleased to see that one favorite local shop called Wit and Whimzy has expanded. The sign out front read “You know you’re curious. Stop in and see us!” I was, so I did.

This image comes from McKenna’s Market, a small regional chain with made to order sandwiches and a host of fun baked goods, snacks and more.

I sat in the shade and attempted to keep up with a melting ice cream cone while I admired the patriotic fervor of this town, the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory.

I also admired the way the community is proactive in creating things to do and in simply keeping up appearances. All of the businesses seem to do their part, recognizing that they have to step up and contribute if they wish to see things happen.

It was too hot and humid to go far on foot but I still have a few things to share from this day. Check back!

Good Things Grow Here

Drive through Downtown Marietta, Ohio and you can’t help but notice they have a new mural. Go check it out! It’s a real looker and I like the theme.

Good things do grow in Southern Ohio. If you have some free time this weekend, I hope you’ll go look for something fun to do in the area and be sure to open up your pocket book for a merchant, museum, restaurant or some other business you want to see thrive.

They need our support.

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