In Like A Lamb

Appalachian people hold closely the old wive’s tale that when March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. So if the weather is bad on the first, it should be mild on the 31st. Here in southern Ohio, March arrived gentle as a newborn lamb so we assume that the month will go roaring out.

Another superstition tells us that it will snow three times on the forsythia bloom.Well, it was 75 degrees and sunny for the forsythia bloom yesterday. The evening ended with a thunderstorm. No snow in sight.

Will we see snow this month? Will this fool’s spring succumb to cold and snow when the real spring should be arriving?

Probably so and I’m sorry for that. As much as I enjoy winter with its cold and snow, I’m always ready for spring by early March. Anything different feels like regression and that sounds terrible.

In Like A Lamb

Have you heard the proverb “in like a lion, out like a lamb” when referring to March weather? I’m assuming the opposite is true and that March will leave like a lion when it comes in as pleasant as this week promises to be.

I hit my usual walking spot last night after work, sporting dress pants and a sweater with my walking shoes. While oddly dressed for my activity, there was no need at all for a jacket.

In fact, it was a gorgeous evening to be outdoors and today promises to be even better with a forecast of sun and fifties. Since March is arriving as meek as a little lost lamb, I’m devising a plan for some adventure this weekend. An important key to happiness is always having something to look forward to and I’m eager to hit the road!

Winter certainly isn’t over here in Ohio but we can worry about that lion a little later! Let’s all enjoy this beautiful week! Welcome to March, friends!!