Helmick Covered Bridge

Yesterday I told you about adventuring with my folks to find two covered bridges. This is the other bridge we found.

It’s called Helmick and it is positively picturesque. That pop of red against the landscape was a real thrill to see and a closer look didn’t disappoint.

Built in 1867, it has been restored so you can drive through it and there are a couple of good spots where you can park if you wish to stop for pictures.

There are also some places where you can scurry down to the stream if you’re wearing decent shoes. I was just wearing tennis shoes and made it ok. The water was low enough that I could skip rocks to get a good look.

I’m not a fan of graffiti in any place but was quite taken with this little portrait. The bow is a nice touch.

Want to visit? The GPS coordinates are 39°43’11” N, 81°56’32” W.

San Toy Covered Bridge

I recently took my parents adventuring for a day. We found two covered bridges that I’ve been wanting to see but didn’t really want to visit on my own simply because they are a little isolated.

Turns out that taking my parents on the gravel, somewhat narrow backroads of Morgan County, Ohio may not have been the best choice.

Let’s just say they prefer the paved roads but they tried to be good sports about the ordeal. As for myself, I thought it was great fun! Pictured above is the first of the bridges – the Adams or San Toy bridge.

It spans San Toy Creek near Malta and was built in 1875. While it was closed for many years, a restoration project about seven years ago allowed the bridge to be reopened to vehicle traffic.

Here’s the view down the road from inside the bridge.

Isn’t it lovely?

I will admit that we didn’t take the best route to get there so if you go, be sure to enter from the State Route 555 side. After you’ve enjoyed the bridge, it’s probably best if you just turn around a leave the way you came.

I will leave it at that.

If you want to visit, the GPS coordinates are 39°37’29” N, 82°01’56” W.

Go and enjoy!!