No Spend Saturday

Welcome to day eight of my 2022 No Spend Challenge. Some people do the challenge just to save money. For me, it’s about resetting all my habits and taking an intentional step back from the activity that typically defines most other months.

I usually like to be on the go from April through December. But after the decadence of the holidays, the overspending, over eating and all around overexertion, I’m pleased to slow things down. So I aim to stay home, drink more water, rest more and eat better while saving my money.

This challenge me gives me license to stay in and cozy on a chilly day. I’ll feed the birds and maybe take a little walk around the yard but have no intention of leaving the property.

Instead, I have some small projects in mind for today. My utility room could use a little freshening up and I badly need to reorganize the freezer. After that, an All Creatures Great and Small binge may be in my future. The PBS series returns for season two tomorrow night and I want to be ready.

Scout will gravitate toward the window where he can watch over his birdies but will check on me periodically. He likes to supervise and see if there are any boxes, bags or crevices where he can cram his little body while I’m begging him to please move. It’s a fun game we play, he says.

In other words, it will be a plain old ordinary day at home and I’m excited for it. Happy Saturday, friends.