Jack Pine’s Pumpkin Patch

This weekend marks the beginning of that painfully short window of time that is the very best of fall. It’s marked by blue skies, moderate temperatures, changing leaves, and the kind of crisp, clean air that makes you think you could live forever.

If we’re lucky, it lasts through mid November here in Ohio but it more likely is cut short around Halloween. So we must use our time wisely and DO ALL THE THINGS while we can!

Last night I went to Jack Pine’s second annual Pumpkin Patch. Jack is a prolific glass blower with local roots and vast experience in his area of expertise. His work stands head and shoulders above most of the glass blowers I’ve seen and it’s a true joy to witness in person.

He started this event last year, an ingenious way to showcase his art in the best possible setting. For real, friends. You haven’t appreciated glass art until you’ve seen it sparkle under the late September sun.


I believe there are some fantastic pictures on my camera but I ran out of time to process pictures. So I’m using phone images to illustrate with the promise we’ll revisit the artsier images later this week.

More than anything, I want to you to consider going if you’re in the area. Learn all about it here! You can also read the story from last year if you wish. Click here for that one.

Go. Check out the pumpkins and work by other artisans. Have some pumpkin ice cream or some other food truck goodies. Sit and enjoy live music. Soak up the glorious first weekend of fall.

I have another adventure planned for today and look forward to reporting back!

Laurelville Fruit Farm

They will open for the season soon.

This third generation farm has been around since 1912. They’re known for their apples and peaches as well as their apple cider. They even sell an apple cider slushee that is divine.

The block building in the village of Laurelville, Ohio just got this gorgeous mural last year and it has done wonders to brighten up the neighborhood.

The artist is Ross County resident Pam Kellough who is know for her commercial and residential murals. You can learn more about her at her website!

It’s amazing what people can do with paint and a blank wall!

Arts And Pumpkins At Jack Pine Studio

Jack Pine’s Pumpkin Patch was an event that included other artisans and food besides the gorgeous glass pumpkins I showed you last week. Here are a few other pictures from that day.

A pumpkin carver at work.

The pumpkin was huge.

This cool owl made of junk that I wanted but did not buy.

A real pumpkin patch.

And even woodcarvers.

There were lots of neat things to see and buy!

Jack Pine’s Pumpkin Patch

Glass artist Jack Pine is hosting an event at his studio near Laurelville this weekend. Jack is a prolific artist known for his stunning glass pumpkins that are created in every color of the rainbow.

I attended late yesterday afternoon and had a ball. They arranged his art on wood slabs and straw outside, so the sun could lend new life to those gorgeous pieces of artwork.

He calls it a pumpkin patch.

There were other artisans, food and demonstrations including wood carvers and a pumpkin carver. The event was meant to fill the void left by the cancellation of Circleville’s Pumpkin Show, one of Ohio’s biggest festivals.

The event was well organized and felt safe, while I was there at least. They limited the amount of people who could come in and required masks. Sheriff’s deputies provided traffic control and security.

Everything was spread out enough that it didn’t seem too crowded, proving that planning and space allow us to enjoy a slice of normal life while doing something special.

I sincerely hope this becomes an annual event! Want to go? Get the info here.

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Posey Pot


They call it the “Posey Pot.”

It’s in the middle of Laurelville, a small town in the Hocking Hills which I travel through somewhat frequently. I can’t begin to tell you how long it’s been there but the posey pot has been a source of pride in this community for generations.

It’s a farming community with a small population and few businesses. But it’s a nice village where the people are proud to fly their flag and where neighbors look out for one another. You’ll find the salt of the earth here.

I’ll take that over a city any day.



Take What You Can Get

This photo always elicits the same reaction – sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

This great old truck was parked in the nearby village of Laurelville earlier this year. Located at one of the busiest intersections you’ll find in any small town, there was a seemingly endless stream of cars, semi trucks, tractors and motorcycles moving by.

And then there was a break – a break exactly the length of my camera’s shutter.

I made one picture before a semi moved into the frame, completely blocking the feed mill across the street.

The light was harsh and I don’t care for the way it’s framed but there wasn’t time to stand around waiting for a second try.

Thus – sometimes you have to take what you can get! Maybe if I had more time I could have grabbed another opportunity and made something nicer. But that wasn’t really an option that day and I’m happy to have something to remember the truck.

And friends, isn’t it a great old truck?