Posey Pot


They call it the “Posey Pot.”

It’s in the middle of Laurelville, a small town in the Hocking Hills which I travel through somewhat frequently. I can’t begin to tell you how long it’s been there but the posey pot has been a source of pride in this community for generations.

It’s a farming community with a small population and few businesses. But it’s a nice village where the people are proud to fly their flag and where neighbors look out for one another. You’ll find the salt of the earth here.

I’ll take that over a city any day.



Take What You Can Get

This photo always elicits the same reaction – sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

This great old truck was parked in the nearby village of Laurelville earlier this year. Located at one of the busiest intersections you’ll find in any small town, there was a seemingly endless stream of cars, semi trucks, tractors and motorcycles moving by.

And then there was a break – a break exactly the length of my camera’s shutter.

I made one picture before a semi moved into the frame, completely blocking the feed mill across the street.

The light was harsh and I don’t care for the way it’s framed but there wasn’t time to stand around waiting for a second try.

Thus – sometimes you have to take what you can get! Maybe if I had more time I could have grabbed another opportunity and made something nicer. But that wasn’t really an option that day and I’m happy to have something to remember the truck.

And friends, isn’t it a great old truck?

Finally, Snow

We finally have snow and I just can’t get enough of it. You notice things when there’s snow on the ground that you might not otherwise see. For example, I drive by this farm often but rarely appreciate the old farmhouse.

New snow hides clutter and flaws and reinvents the landscape to be fresh and new. A blanket of snow reminds us that anything can be pretty when properly attired!!!