Fall Foliage

Fall in southern Ohio is usually quite colorful and is a time that leaf peepers look forward to every year.

This year, not so much. It seemed like the leaves turned late but mostly they just turned brown and fell when the rain moved in.

But we did have a brief period of blue skies and pockets of color like the day I took this covered bridge photo near Lancaster.

The good news is that those pockets of color did seem especially nice next to all that green and brown and we came to appreciate the color more than we normally might if everything was vibrant.

Hiding In Plain Sight

z old lancaster church.jpgA recent work assignment found me on foot in Lancaster looking for photo ops. The thing about walking is that you notice things that you might miss from the car. Case in point: this old church, tucked in between two houses on a street about a block from downtown.

Check out the window and the patina on the brick!

z old lancaster church 3.jpg

It appears to be a private residence now and I would love to see inside but obviously had to settle for a couple of exterior snapshots before moving on and getting back to work. It was hot that morning and I was too warm and tired by about 10 a.m. so this little shaded area was quite inviting and I could imagine sitting down under the tree with a cold drink and a book.

What a cool place to live.