All Aboard: A Streetcar To The Past

This streetcar was manufactured in New York for the Columbus Consolidated Streetcar Railroad in Columbus, Ohio. That was in 1888. It was converted to electric power a few years later before it was sold to the Lancaster Traction Company in 1896.

It remained in service until 1937 when the city switched to a bus system. Thousands of people came to a celebration to take one last ride.

Today the streetcar is on display at Ohio History Connect, our state’s historical society.

You can go aboard and even have a seat if you like. This was my second favorite thing to see at this museum. My favorite is a temporary exhibit about the fifties in America. Read about it here.

Porch Respite

z lancaster blue house.jpg

This porch. I just want to sit down in one of those chairs with a lemonade and plate of cookies.  The blue is calming. The chairs are welcoming. The thought of a morning spent here with no place to be is priceless.

Found Treasure at the Old Shoe Factory

The Old Shoe Factory Antique Mall is one of my favorite stops in Lancaster. I saw lots of things yesterday that either had never encountered in person or that are just a bit uncommon in this area.

One was this bicycle built for three in a gorgeous yellow.

And another was this cute cookie jar – it’s a magician’s rabbit in a hat!

No bargains for me yesterday but it was fun to browse as the blistering heat beats down on us for the umpteenth day in a row.

Cooler days can’t get here soon enough so hiking and other outdoor activities can resume. Meanwhile, it’s ok to just browse antiques and search for treasures unknown.

Happy Sunday, kids! Stay cool!

Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall

I finally made it into my area’s newest source for treasure hunting yesterday. It’s called Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall and it recently opened in Lancaster.

This store is fairly large and has over 300 vendor spaces. It’s a nice mixture of things – antiques, vintage, crafts, new decor and some flea market kind of stuff.

Like any vendor mall, the prices are all over the place but I thought they were mainly reasonable.

I was thrilled to find records.

There’s a lot of farmhouse stuff.

Some handmade items.

Lots of antiques too.

Interested? Learn more at their website.