Tree Down After A Storm

My favorite tree at Lake Alma didn’t survive the storm last week. It was there just before the storm began Thursday as I scurried around the island before thunderstorms and possible tornadoes moved into the area.

Sadly, it was down yesterday morning, literally pulled up by the roots and lying in the water.

It was a sad sight.

I have favorite things in lots of places I visit regularly. Favorite trees, rocks, patches of trillium and vistas top the list of things I look forward to with each visit to familiar places. This tree was like an old friend, one that provided shade and comfort and had great character.

It’s probably silly to mourn a tree but it brought me great joy over the years. I feel like it deserves a moment of silence and gratitude for its contribution to my life.


Yesterday was sunny and beautiful with blue skies and 26 degree temperatures that the weather app said felt like 19. Luckily, that little chill in the air didn’t deter me from heading out for a walk at a local state park.

I mean, what’s a little cold when it’s such a pretty day?

The wind off the lake was frigid and it was mostly me, the Canada Geese and a few other hardy souls out soaking up as much Vitamin D as you can absorb through a hat and three layers of clothing.

If I were working from the office, I would likely be swinging by the lake after work at least some nights to squeeze in a walk. Unfortunately, in my work from home routine, it’s hard to pry me out of the house on a cold day save for feeding the birds. That’s only because they sit on their empty feeder and stare at me sitting at my desk until I do something about it.

While I didn’t cherish the thought of going out in the freezing cold, I relished every moment of my three mile walk and realized that I haven’t smiled so much in ages.

I need to do that more often.

Do more of what makes you smile, friends. I promise you won’t regret it.


Things were quite golden nearly everywhere I went in southern Ohio Saturday.

Here’s the view early morning at Lake Alma.

And a couple of hours later, to the south at Lake Vesuvius.

The sky was a gorgeous blue for much of the day and the aroma of campfire smoke hung in the air. It was a spectacular day to be out and to be free.


This weekend really didn’t go as planned. We had a cold snap last week and the sun went into hiding until Monday morning. It rained part of the time and threatened to rain the rest.

Perhaps that’s why we appreciated Monday so much. It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze and pleasant temperature. I fled to my favorite walking path for a stroll. This is where I go for exercise and for my own mental health as it’s a terrific place to think or just soak in the beauty.

Afterward, I took a drive to see a covered bridge that I’ll tell you about tomorrow. For now, here’s a picture.

On the way home, I pulled over to snap a photo of the Wellston Rotary Club’s Field of Heroes.

Small towns really are the best.

We don’t always have to go far to find things that make us happy. Sometimes a stroll through the neighborhood or a drive with the windows down is enough to recharge our weary minds.

When I came home, I felt so good that it didn’t seem a chore to finish the laundry and cook some food for the week. If only all Mondays could be like this!

Winter Walk

I walked with a friend at a local park yesterday.

It was a beautiful day for a long walk at a familiar place.

I always say the official mascot here is the Canada Geese. Yesterday didn’t disappoint. They were everywhere.

Between this walk and some shopping, my Fitbit logged about nine miles. That’s not half bad for a day of leisure!