Gallipolis In Lights

I snuck away last night and went for a drive to see Christmas lights.

It was a completely unscripted trip but I have been struggling to show any interest in the holidays and thought it would be good for me.

There’s a big walk through light display in the Gallipolis City Park that seemed like a good place to find my Christmas spirit. It’s significantly smaller than normal this year thanks to Covid – but it’s still quite nice especially since it’s free and so is the parking.

I arrived at dark and there were only a handful of people present. They do require social distancing and masks and the place is so large it was easy to steer clear of the few other people who arrived during my visit.

While driving around, I noticed a lot more houses than normal are decorated this year. I’m guessing people had more free time than normal and a desire to brighten the season.

This is another instance where it felt incredibly normal to simply sip hot chocolate and admire the pretty lights.

It seems I’m easy to please and I’m ok with that. The only way I could have been happier is if it were snowing but it was freezing cold and I got to wear my festive red cloche hat so that was nice.

Here’s one more picture to brighten your day.

Happy Wednesday, friends.