Gardens And Grounds At Adena

Earlier this week we visited historic Adena Mansion and Gardens where I told you about the home and the people who lived there. The house tour is interesting but I also thoroughly enjoy simply walking the grounds.

Mrs Worthington’s flower garden was beginning to show signs of life with tulips, bluebells and other spring beauties.

I spent a fair amount of time standing amongst the lilacs, simply absorbing the aroma of spring.

There are trails as well as a couple of important buildings to explore. My favorite of these has always been the barn and I typically dwell here.

There are a handful of artifacts kept here.

The actual barn is the showstopper though.

Here’s a view from the door onto the property.

If you’re in the area and enjoy history, this place is well worth the price of admission. They tell important stories here, stories that we would lose if not for historic sites like Adena. Read more about this place by clicking here.