New Shoes

New hiking shoes have been edging their way up my needs list this summer. Lots of hiking miles have been logged and my favorite shoes were wearing out. My secondary shoes are good on snowy trails but are too heavy to be comfortable on fair weather hikes.

These day hikers were on sale and comfortable in the store. Turns out they were a spectacular buy as they handle well on the trail too.

It took me months to settle on shoes partly because I can’t order them online and expect them to fit and be comfortable. However, I was also resisting the process because I adore my old shoes. They’re comfortable but they’ve also traveled with me to many places, never failing to take me everywhere I wish to go. They’re like old friends.

It sounds irrational to be so attached to a pair of shoes but these have helped me through some tough spots both literally and figuratively. I will always be grateful for them.

Are you attached to an object like this? I would love to hear your story!

Pilgrimage To Cabela’s

It was time for new hiking shoes so I made the pilgrimage to Cabela’s on Saturday. I typically hike in New Balance trail runners because they’re lightweight and take me everywhere I want to go. They’re affordable, cute and mostly suit my needs.

However, I wanted something waterproof for the occasional hikes that take me through streams or across wet areas. Traditional hiking boots are too heavy and I’m more vulnerable to injury in boots so they’re off the table. I know that sounds weird but it’s true.

I always marvel at the selection in this store and at how expensive everything is. But I lucked out and found exactly what I needed for a bargain. Best of all, I managed to get out the door with just my shoes and no impulse buys. Pink pepper spray and some cute tops were tempting but I persevered.

This T-shirt reminded me of my friend Johnna and the evening we spent in a parking lot at Canyonlands National Park. We feasted on cherries and peanut butter sandwiches while watching a meteor shower last summer.

I now regret not buying it. I mean, really…. why didn’t I buy it?

Because I’m a responsible adult, that’s why. But I got my shoes so now I’m ready for an adventure! Now we just need the weather to cooperate.

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