Gratitude and Venturing Into Public

Yesterday was a big day. I made a store run,

The stores weren’t busy, likely because it was early and cold and people aren’t in any hurry to go anywhere right now. Both stores I visited had someone sanitizing carts and monitoring traffic flow at the door. Plexiglass at the cash registers offer the cashiers some protection while marks on the floor remind shoppers to stay back. I appreciate their taking these extra steps.

People seemed to be conscious of maintaining at least six feet. Personally, I worked hard to avoid coming near anyone that I didn’t have to be near. Some people wore masks. I ordered a mask from Etsy but it isn’t here yet so I fashioned one out of a bandana. If I had to do this, I at least wanted to look like I was about to rob a train! Ha ha.

It’s hard being vegetarian in a time when popping into the store for produce is so complicated. Consequently, I am thrilled when I do have fresh food.

Spinach keeps well if you keep it dry so I just put a paper towel in the bag. But other things like berries and cucumbers are harder to maintain so I was over the moon to find some big, sweet smelling berries.

How lucky are we to live in a country where we have access to fresh, beautiful produce year round?

While I’m always polite to employees in stores, I made a point to thank everyone who helped me- the cashiers, the bagger, the kid cleaning the carts, and even the person stocking my eggplant.

None of these people want to be out in public with all us germy shoppers but they don’t have a choice. You can’t stock produce from home and none of us would be eating if these folks didn’t come to work every day.

We like to talk about when things get back to normal. Personally, I hope that when this is over I continue to feel such profound gratitude for these people and things. People are happier when they’re thankful and I personally have much to be thankful for these days.

Another change I hope we hold onto is this wonderful concept we call social distancing. If everyone could always stay six feet back I would be most happy!

Let’s keep flattening that curve, friends. Stay home if you can and stay well!

What Are They Discussing?

Anyone else remember when people dressed up to leave the house? Heck, forget dressing up. At this point, I would be happy just to make it through the grocery store without seeing people in their pajamas.

These days have passed but this is a great picture. What do we think they’re talking about? I’m guessing it’s not saltines and frozen fish!