Serenity and the Great Salt Lake

This woman was taking pictures during my visit to the Great Salt Lake and she seemed to be standing everywhere I wanted to take pictures.

After a couple of frustrating attempts to work around her, I gave in and incorporated her into some images.

I really like this one. It’s serene and a bit haunting. She looks at peace.

This picture is a good reminder that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and work with your circumstances – in photography and in life.

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A Dip In The Great Salt Lake

blog 5When you think of Salt Lake City, you probably think of the Great Salt Lake and the Morman Tabernacle Choir. We didn’t get to hear the choir sing but we did spend a day roaming around Antelope Island which is in the Great Salt Lake.

The Lake is nearing historic lows and it’s pretty obvious when you walk around a bit. Antelope Island is accessible via a causeway and is about 45 minutes from where we stayed downtown. One thing that impressed us both is the sheer number of birds everywhere you look here.

The Island is a story unto itself as it boasts hiking trails, an historic ranch, wildlife, kayaking and other fun things. We set out that day  intending to hike but it was extremely hot and we got a late start (not to mention the triple berry pancakes with whipped cream and syrup were slowing me down a bit) so we opted to do several short walks that kept us close to the car. After all, there is essentially no shade here and there was high heat every day.

One of the trip highlights for me was taking off my shoes and wading in the lake. It’s just one of those things you should do at least once.

Please understand that this was a bucket list item for me but it isn’t necessarily the most pleasant experience in the world. From one parking lot there is a paved sidewalk that will take you down to the shoreline. We parked in a lot where you wade through deep sand to reach the water. I was fine with this as it adds to the experience and makes it seem more authentic.

However, something that doesn’t add to the experience is the smell. The lake smells a little bit like rotten eggs. There’s also flies and brine shrimp to contend with. However, if you can get past these things (I’m laughing as I’m typing), it really is a peaceful place and one that is beautiful for its stark simplicity. It’s lovely really, especially once you get used to the odor.

blog 4

I know this doesn’t sound so appealing but we really did have a great time! Wait till tomorrow when I tell you about the ranch at Antelope Island.