Sunoco Sign

This little number grabbed my eye the other night while pumping gas at a truck stop. A third party observer probably wondered what on earth was so fascinating in the distance.

It’s just a Sunoco sign without the No. Weird as it may be, this is the sort of thing I live for while out roaming the world.

The colors, shapes and the oddity of it are interesting to my eye. It’s Saturday! Head out into the world with your camera or phone and look for something unusual to document.

Happy Saturday!

Today will not be an Adventure Day so I’m going to relive last week’s fun with a few pictures. Happy Saturday, everyone. I hope you get to do something that makes you happy.

A Whole Lotta Personality


There’s a lot of personality in this picture. I love old license plates and the gas pump is gorgeous. If I had a garage I’d probably have a collection of vintage gas and oil pieces (so it’s probably good that I don’t have a garage).

You can see this and other odd scenes at Hole in the Rock near Moab, Utah.