People Are Like Hydrangeas

This hydrangea was a gift from a friend’s yard many years ago. I had it for well over a decade before it bloomed and had all but given up on ever seeing it produce a flower.

The first year it bloomed it was blue and produced just a handful of flowers. The next year, I noticed some lavender beginning to develop. This year, it’s larger and loaded with varying shades of blues, lavenders and pinks.

It’s beautiful.

I like to think that humans are a little like this late blooming hydrangea. We may take a while to get comfortable enough to show our personality. Then, with each passing year, we add to our knowledge, skills and interests, causing our personality to blossom in new and colorful ways that are often quite unexpected.

The best people are the ones who are willing to learn, to try new things and to adapt. They’re the ones with a little color to their personalities and some happy surprises.